About Me

About Me

100_0733  Welcome to my blog. My name is Kim. My husband and I live on the east coast of the United States with our three small dogs. We have two daughters and three granddaughters.

I grew up among some great cooks, one of which was my Great Aunt Bess. When I was a young girl, I would sit at her kitchen table and watch her create lushes fruit pies with flakey crust, lemony pound cakes, crunchy fried chicken and Swiss steak that was so tender it would melt in your mouth. You probably guessed it, I was a “chubby girl.” When I was married, I wanted to impress my new husband with my cooking skills by making huge suppers. Needless to say, we packed on the pounds. This is when I jumped on the “diet merry-go-round.”

I tried every diet that came on the scene, in fact, so many that I have lost count. After many years of dieting, my body was a wreck. I had no energy. I was always hungry. I often would get discouraged because I wasn’t loosing weight fast enough so I would just give up and eat everything in sight because next week I could try a different diet. Finally, after many years of this, I declared it was time to stop the ride and get off this “diet merry-go-round.”

I decided to get my focus off weight loss and on to being healthy. I needed to completely change my way of thinking. You would not believe the freedom I felt after doing this. Much to my surprise, I started loosing weight and I felt better. I have been able to keep this weight off for several years now.

Today, my cooking has greatly changed. I buy fresh vegetables, organic meats and eggs. We don’t eat processed foods or eat sweets very often. I do still have a little chocolate each day. I have done lots of research on eating healthy to help me stay on track.

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In my blog, I will share with you about how I eat healthy. I will also have family-friendly recipes, tips on buying organic foods, how I plan my meals and most important encouragement to help you start eating healthy too.

God gave me this body but it is up to me to take care of it. My desire is for Him to be glorified, even in my eating. I hope this blog will be a blessing and an inspiration to you to live a healthier life.

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